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"What exactly is Slim Cricket?"

It's creativity:

Our team is made up of 4 passionate members: Yannick, Stéphane, Frédéric, and Sandrine.
We create and develop educational games for children aged 3 to 10.

We do everything ourselves, from start to finish!
We dream up original, rich, and funny worlds.
Our apps give children a new, fun, and highly interactive experience.

It's quality education:

As parents ourselves, we favor the educational aspect of all of our apps (math, reading, logic, association, etc.).

We see that our games are adapted to the child's age with 3 levels of difficulty. So the child is encouraged and never fails.

Our apps have even been highly praised by many speech therapists.

It's innovation:

We offer the child an unexpected experience to stimulate his or her imagination.

Thanks to the camera, microphone, and other infinite possibilities on a tablet, children can see themselves, blow, shout, touch, shake, listen, understand, think... In a nutshell, be at the heart of the game!


Children will enjoy watching these characters unwrapping their presents...


The fun little crickets and the bright, happy action will keep little ones engaged as they play these holiday-


It's a value pack of activities that are all geared toward improving those critical readiness skills that form the foundation of learning.


It's a fun app for kids 3+ who wants to know chat preschools and kindergartens are like.


"Prehistoric Mystery" is a perfect blend of story time and game time, giving kids engaging and educational fun that parents can be happy to let them enjoy.


Just the right mix of story, game, and interactivity with such a humorous concept of having the Halloween Witch rescuing Christmas, smiles all around for all, and to all a good night!


This unique witchy tale does a great job of showing kids the meaning of having Christmas spirit.


(5/5-Editor’s choice) - The Little Witch at School goes above and beyond many apps I have seen as far as quality is concerned

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