Our "Interactive Stories" range:

Discover the originality of our interactive stories for 4-10 year olds with a strong theme and games which go hand in hand with the tale.

Follow our characters in their funny adventures specially written for children. Come play and laugh with these characters created purely for your enjoyment!

To help these engaging heroes, you child will need to play and actively participate in the unraveling of the story. So he or she takes the leading role.

Our "Educational" range:

Specially created for toddlers aged 3 to 5, our "Educational" range uses humor to explore the basics.

Your child learns whilst playing, and develops a variety of skills: organizing, counting, learning the alphabet, understanding the concept of opposites, etc.

The two mascots (Crick and Crickette) guide them as they explore.
The simple and intuitive interface encourages autonomy.

Things we want to tell you about:
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