Mathemagics Quest

Why choose between HAVING FUN and LEARNING when you can do BOTH?

"Mathemagics Quest" is a mix of adventure game and mathematics.

Three levels are available for a FREE trial. The full version of the application can be unlocked with an in-app purchase.


Count Hisgood is terrible at math! To make matters worse for him, he is the descendant of a long family of mathematicians.

To get better, he stole the Mathemagics magician's manual: this book contains magical creatures that let you learn the multiplication tables.

Don't wait! Set off on an adventure and recover the Mathemagics creatures across eight worlds and 24 levels!

Choose your hero (a little vampire or a little witch) and take on Count Hisgood!

Review your multiplication tables while having fun and saving all the Mathemagics.

- Review their multiplication tables while playing
- Learn independently and actively
- Stimulate their memory and improve their speed
- Be motivated to progress and earn rewards

- Multiplication tables from 2 to 9
- 3 levels of increasing difficulty for each table
- 3 kinds of mathematical quizzes (find the result, find the operands, fill-in-the-blank multiplication exercises)
- 16 types of enemies to confront
- 3 badges to collect per level to become an expert

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- No advertising
- Protection from external links
- Protection from in-app purchases
- No sharing of personal datas

This is how, imperceptibly for himself, the child develops his math skills.

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