What's this Christmas Spirit?

The Witch and the Christmas Spirit

Just like every year on the same date, "The Witch With No Name" is in the middle of getting ready for Halloween, when suddenly her crystalballophone rings.
It’s her friend Peepo the elf asking her to go and join him right away at Santa Claus’s.
In Christmasland, all Santa’s elves are afflicted with a terrible sickness which puts them into a deep sleep. Even Santa himself is sound asleep !
All the preparations for Christmas have stopped ! There may be no Christmas at all...

Will the witch find an antidote and wake up Santa’s elves ?
Will she save Christmas ?
Will she discover what the Christmas spirit means ?...

New !
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This unique witchy tale does a great job of showing kids the meaning of having Christmas spirit.

Just the right mix of story, game, and interactivity with such a humorous concept of having the Halloween Witch rescuing Christmas, smiles all around for all, and to all a good night!

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