Privacy Policy

The development of educational apps requires certain commitments. We are fully aware of these and do not include anything unsuitable in an app targeted at children. As parents ourselves, we create apps that we would like to buy for our own children.

Here are our promises:

We don’t collect any information about the user.
No in-game ads (except for our own portfolio).
No geolocation system
Parental controls
Freemium version system : we have trial versions of our apps, they allow users trying the app before buying it. If they like it, they can buy the full version using the in-app purchase function.
And of course, there is no violence or foul language.

What we offer in our apps:

All original creations (story, illustration, music, etc.) to provide universes where children can develop their imagination.
An interactive narrative: by inserting interactions into the narrative, we help children follow the story (even those who have short attention spans) and encourage them to read and reread our stories.
Use of the tablet's "gadgets" (camera, microphone, etc.): by involving the young readers with the story in a surprising way, we create a unique link between them and the characters.
Exploration of new ideas for even more surprises.

Things we want to tell you about:
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