"So who exactly does what?"

Frédéric Taquet

3D Art Director:
Geek, Webmaster, Art Director – this is a lot to expect of just one man, but these are just a few of his many facets.

Sandrine Hervé

2D Art Director:
She was born with a pencil in her hand.
From as far back as she can recall, she has always wanted to make up stories, draw universes and people, and then bring them to life just like in a movie. But if you think about – this is exactly what she does at SlimCricket!

Stéphane Pothieux

Technical Director:
Far from being a technical director who speaks in incomprehensible jargon, he is able to explain his world of 0s and 1s in simple terms.
He finds solutions to showcase this creative team's work.

Yannick Geffroy

He programs, designs, adds the soundtrack, communicates, translates, and "takes care of the paperwork."
But what he prefers to do above all else is invent great stories.
He enjoys sharing his desire for innovation and is at the core of this team of passionate individuals.

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