[iOS] I have an issue buying the full version.

First of all, be sure that in-app purchases are allowed on your device.
Go to Settings->General->In app purchases, and check that the option is active.

Then, to buy the full version in our applications, you just have to press “Buy the full version” (on the main menu or at the end of the free pages)
The associated password of the current Apple account will be asked.

If you have already bought the full version on a device and you have switched to a new device, press “Restore the full version”.
(You can also use this if you have deleted the app and re-downloaded it)

If, for any reason, the “Restore the full version” button does not work, you can use the “Buy the full version” button too.
A message will appear showing the price of the app, but you will be charged another time.
You will be asked to enter your Apple account details and a message will inform you that you have already bought the app.

If needed, you can contact us at contact@slimcricket.com, we will help you as soon as possible.

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